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Loving Your Little Landscape

I have never been a natural gardener. For years, I struggled to keep basic houseplants alive, only to kill them at the first opportunity. It was difficult and stressful to buy a home with a yard, but I knew that I might be able to learn what I was doing wrong and correct the problem. To start off, I focused heavily on the lawn, and tried hard to keep it trimmed and well-maintained. Next, I cleaned up the flowerbeds. It was a lot of work, but I knew that it would pay off in the end. When I was done, my front yard was gorgeous, and guess what--it even stayed alive. This blog is all about loving your little landscape.



Loving Your Little Landscape

Give Your Business A Boost With The Right Commercial Landscape Design

by Charlotte White

Appearance matters when it comes to the exterior of your business. If your landscape lacks a great design style it may be turning potential customers away who could benefit from your services. Having your commercial landscape designed by a professional is a worthwhile investment in the future of your company.

Convey your message

Your landscape design can tell people a lot about your business. For instance, health-related businesses can benefit from having a design that promotes healing and wholesomeness, such as adding Zen-inspired features or elements that evoke feelings of rest and refreshment, like a beautiful fountain. For a business that is focused on environmental issues, a sustainable landscape that contains plenty of native plants and wildflowers is a good option.

Meet a community need

Meeting a need in your community by adding elements to your landscape design is a smart way to connect with potential customers. For instance, adding picnic tables and benches around your business can give passersby a place to rest or eat lunch. Adding a beautiful walking path or a flower garden to your landscape gives people a safe place to walk or enjoy some time outdoors.

When your landscape design makes your business friendly for the neighborhood, you create a win-win situation. It shows the local community that your business is friendly and cares and can lead to potential new customers for you.

Make it easy to access your business

Have you ever arrived at a business and wondered which way you needed to go to enter the building? Having defined paths lined with trees, shrubs, and a walkway can make it easy for visitors to find the main entryway to your business. An attractive entry pathway can give customers a positive feeling about your services before they come through the front door.

Provide a positive atmosphere for your employees

Your employees are the backbone of your company, so having an attractive environment for them is vital for keeping them motivated, which may lead to improved productivity. Having an attractive outdoor space for employees to enjoy on their break or during lunchtime is sure to help maximize a positive work environment for your business.

The right landscape design can make a big difference in the message your business conveys to the public. A landscape design can attract potential customers to your business and peak interest in your services. It is the first thing your potential customers see when they arrive at your place of business and can set your business apart from the rest. For more information on commercial landscaping, contact a company near you.