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Loving Your Little Landscape

Use A Hydroseeder To Assist With Planting A Garden On Your Property

by Charlotte White

If you enjoy eating fresh fruit and vegetables and wish to plant a garden on your property, learn how to use a hydroseeder to assist you with the project by completing the following steps. A hydroseeding machine will evenly distribute seeds and fertilizer. Mulch can be added to the machine's tank so that the mixture is thicker. The mulch will protect the seeds and fertilizer from blowing away and prevent weed growth around the items that you plant.

Materials Needed

  • measuring tape
  • garden stakes
  • garden tiller
  • rake
  • hoe
  • hydroseeder
  • water hose
  • seeds
  • fertilizer
  • mulch

Mark And Clear The Land That Will Be Used

Use a measuring tape and garden stakes to mark an even section of land that you wish to use as a garden. Remove any large objects, such as sticks or rocks, by hand. Move a garden tiller over the marked section in straight lines to loosen the soil. Rake the ground when finished so that it is level. Use the edge of a hoe to create straight, even lines down the length of the marked section. The lines should be a few inches deep so that the seeds will be planted far into the ground. 

Fill The Hydroseeder's Tank

Fill the base of the hydroseeder's tank with one variety of seeds. Add equal amounts of mulch and water to the tank until the contents reach the bottom of the tank's agitating blades. Add the recommended amount of fertilizer for the seeds that you are going to be planting. Reattach the tank and turn on the agitator. Mix the contents in the tank until they are well-blended. Carry the hydroseeder to the garden.

Apply The Mixture

Aim the tip of the hydroseeder's gun towards the first line that was created with the hoe. Squeeze the machine's trigger to emit the seed, mulch, water, and fertilizer mixture. Move the tip of the gun along the length of the first line until it has an even coating of the mixture added to it. Dispense the remaining amount of the mixture in the next line.

Once the tank is empty, rinse it out with a steady stream of water. Add another type of seeds and the other components that were used to create the first mixture to the tank. Apply the mixture to the the remaining lines that were created in the garden.

Water The Garden

Continue the same steps until all of the lines that were made in the garden are filled. Wait several days for the mixture to penetrate the ground. During this time, you will not need to add any water to the garden. Once the mixture no longer has a wet appearance, monitor the garden and add water to the freshly-planted seeds whenever the soil appears to be dry or when the weather is predicted to be hot and dry. Soon, you will have a beautiful garden that is full of healthy crops that you can enjoy eating whenever you would like. For more information on hydroseeding, contact a company like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc.