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Loving Your Little Landscape

Own A Rental Property? How Drip Irrigation Can Impress Your Tenants

by Charlotte White

The process of finding a tenant for your rental property may be straightforward, but making an excellent impression and keeping an individual impressed over a long period of time is challenging. Building a positive landlord-to-tenant relationship will increase the chances of a lengthy tenancy, which will help you earn more money by minimizing vacancy time and giving you a chance to increase rent over time.

A drip irrigation system is a feature that can help you achieve this goal.

No Sprinkler System to Look Out For

For a single-family home, tenants have to be careful of when they are in the front or back yard due to the sprinkler system. It may not be a major inconvenience, but it can make them work around the system. However, with a drip irrigation system, tenants do not have to worry about water spraying them. This makes it easier for them to enjoy the front yard and backyard while living at your home.

Maintain an Appealing Landscape

With drip irrigation, you can feel confident in your ability to showcase a nice-looking landscape. A sprinkler system is effective, but it does not provide the precision watering that drip irrigation can. As a result, plants that are touchier than others when it comes to watering can be grown without a problem.

Keep Tenants Responsibility-Free

An automatic system in place will allow your tenants to be responsibility-free when it comes to maintaining the landscape. When advertising the rental, it is easier to attract applicants when you do not put such a responsibility in their hands, especially when you are still able to boast a pretty property. Since this kind of system only waters what needs to be watered, weed growth is kept down. Contact a business, such as Green Leaf Lawn Services, for more information. 

Minimize the Water Bill

While you can water the landscape in several ways, such as with hand watering or a sprinkler system, they are just not as water-efficient as a drip irrigation system. If you have your tenants pay part or all of the water bill, they will enjoy having such an efficient watering system to help keep their monthly expenses down. Also, tenants who care deeply about the environment will like seeing water being saved.

Although there are many features you can add or things you can do to impress potential and existing tenants, you should not pass up an opportunity for a single feature to drastically improve your landscape. With proper implementation of an automatic irrigation system, you can consistently impress tenants.