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Loving Your Little Landscape

Three Necessary Steps for Completing a Topographic Survey

by Charlotte White

Engineers perform a topographic survey before an owner makes changes to a property or before a change in the ownership of a property takes place. A topographic survey maps and identifies the contours of the ground and the existing features on the surface of the earth. After completing a survey, a contour map is created of your property. Read on to find out three steps taken during a topographic survey.

Divide Land Into a Grid Pattern

The surveying starts with dividing an area of land into a grid pattern. Surveyors have to stay organized during this entire process. One of the ways to stay organized is to use markers or flags to make grid lines.

Locate Natural and Man-Made Structures

Topographic surveys can be used to map the location of natural and man-made structures. Examples of these structures are fences, buildings, bodies of water and land contours. Engineers have to measure the changes in elevation and distance between each feature.

Measure the Distance

The distance between the different points must be measured on your grid. The measurements are done using measuring devices like aircrafts and satellites. The surveyors have to then measure and calculate angles between each point and calculate the elevation changes. They use specialty surveying equipment to make these calculations.

What is the Purpose of a Survey?

The results of a topographic survey are necessary for building a house on a property. It shows lines of easements and perimeter boundary lines that cross your property. A property easement is written by your local property assessor. It means certain people have access, and it cannot be used without permission from the property appraiser office. Easement can be granted to a neighbor or utility company. This information is necessary for surveyors. It helps show zoning and prevent setbacks.

Survey results can be used for different projects. These results are often used to design buildings or make improvements. Topographic surveys are also used with many construction projects. They are used as the framework for making improvements to land and for building ditches.  

The end results create a topographical map of your property. A topographical map gives you graphic and detailed representation of the features on your landscape. The natural landscape serves as the framework for building projects. Survey results provide detail of slopes elevation. These figures are useful when deciding how to build a house on a piece of land. It helps to find someone who is experienced and skilled in topo surveying to help with your building plan.