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Loving Your Little Landscape

Three Common Problems With Shrubbery And What Commercial Landscaping Can Do To Help

by Charlotte White

If you own and/or work out of a commercial building, chances are that there is a lot of shrubbery in the landscaping around the building. If it is kept neat and tidy, shrubbery can make the property look very professional. However, tidiness is not the only problem you may encounter with the shrubs around your commercial building. The following three problems are the most common ones, and here is how a commercial landscaping service can help restore the professional look to the property's exterior appearance.


Some shrubs and evergreens grow very quickly. It is important to have them pruned and trimmed once a week to once every other week depending on the types of shrubs you have on the property. The trimming and pruning schedule is also based on the warmer months of the year as even evergreen shrubs will not grow as fast in winter as they do in summer. Hiring a professional landscaping service means that all of the shrubs will be on a set schedule for maintenance care to prevent overgrowth.

Spiders and Other Bug Pests

Since the scent and oils that evergreen shrubs produce tends to draw in lots of flying insects, equally as many spiders like to call the shrubs home. The spiders spin tight webs in between the branches and needles of these shrubs so that they have easy pickings of the bugs that fly in closer for the smell of the shrubs. This means that you end up with lots of webbing that makes the shrubs on your commercial property look like you never took down your Halloween decorations. Worse still, some of the spiders tend to make the jump from the shrubs to the inside of the building via the windows. Now you have a bug pest problem inside and out. Have a commercial landscaper address the arachnids in the bushes with the appropriate sprays or powders while a pest control expert attacks the ones that snuck inside.

Dead Bushes

All or part of some bushes may have died over the winter, in which case your property's landscaping will look like it has not been tended to in a long time. All the dead bushes will need to be removed and/or replaced by the landscaper, while any dead parts of bushes that are still alive will need to be cut away. The landscaper can also treat the bushes/shrubs that are ailing and failing with a healthy dose of plant vitamins and growth boosters to prevent the remaining bushes from dying and drying out to an ugly brown or yellow color. Contact a local landscaper, like those at Chapel Valley Landscape Company and similar locations, for more help and information.