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Loving Your Little Landscape

I have never been a natural gardener. For years, I struggled to keep basic houseplants alive, only to kill them at the first opportunity. It was difficult and stressful to buy a home with a yard, but I knew that I might be able to learn what I was doing wrong and correct the problem. To start off, I focused heavily on the lawn, and tried hard to keep it trimmed and well-maintained. Next, I cleaned up the flowerbeds. It was a lot of work, but I knew that it would pay off in the end. When I was done, my front yard was gorgeous, and guess what--it even stayed alive. This blog is all about loving your little landscape.



Loving Your Little Landscape

3 Landscaping Projects That Can Improve Backyard Beauty And Functionality

by Charlotte White

As the owner of a single-family home with a somewhat basic backyard, you may want to work on improving the whole space to get your family to spend more time outside.

While you could focus on projects that impact looks alone, you should be able to take on several projects that will provide a boost in appearance and functionality. To make sure these projects go smoothly, you should hire a landscaping company that can help you from start to finish.


If you are currently using dirt paths to get around the backyard, you cannot go wrong with investing in brick or flagstone pathways. When you choose these kinds of pathways, you will make it easy for your family to get around the backyard even during or after heavy rainfall.

Previously, trying to walk around after rainfall would lead to getting your shoes dirty because the dirt paths would turn into mud. You can work out the pathway details with your family to make sure that you end up with a design, type, and color scheme that satisfies your entire household.


When you want to grow new bushes, shrubs, and flowers around the backyard, you should consider adding mulch to these areas to surround the new plants. By picking a mulch that you find attractive such as wood chips, you can look forward to a major boost in appearance. Another thing that you get to look forward to with mulch is being able to reduce overall watering needs.

Instead of so much water evaporating into the soil and not getting to your plants, you can look forward to the mulch making it easy to optimize watering. Also, the addition of mulch will make it hard for weeds to grow, which will ultimately help your plants grow and thrive in the yard.


If you do not have a fence in the backyard, you will find that installing one is a great option for bringing beauty and functionality in a major way. With so many fence types and details to choose from, you can make sure that you end up with one that looks incredible on your property. If you are also interested in privacy and protection, you can get them by picking certain qualities.

When you are ready to modify your backyard to enjoy improvements in multiple ways, you should hire a landscaping company that can work on these projects.

For more tips, reach out to a custom landscaping service in your area.