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Loving Your Little Landscape

The Importance Of Backflow Testing After Prevention Devices Have Failed

by Charlotte White

The backflow prevention devices installed in your household plumbing system protect you from various problems. They are used to stop the backflow of sewer systems, as well as to prevent contamination of drinking water. Therefore, it is important that they are working correctly to ensure they are protecting your home like they were designed to do. The following backflow testing services may be needed to ensure your systems are working correctly.

Irrigation Systems That Have Been Winterized

Irrigation for your home may include traditional sprinklers and more modern drip or soaker hose systems. These systems are vulnerable to damage during the winter months. Therefore, they may be disconnected and winterized to ensure they are not damaged when the temperatures drop. The problem is in spring when the backflow prevention device is reconnected. When your irrigation system is set up for spring and summer, you want to have the backflow prevention device tested. This will ensure the water lines in your home are protected from contamination from the irrigation of landscaping.

Ensure Your Sewer Backflow Prevention Is Working

Sewer backflow is a serious problem that can cause severe damage to your home. Therefore, you want to make sure your home is protected from sewer systems backing up into your home. In basements and low-lying areas, the backflow prevention systems are often simple one-way drain valves. This stops the backflow of the sewer lines from getting into your home. These one-way drain valves also need to be tested to ensure they are working properly to protect your home from backflow and water damage.

Ensure Waterlines Are Flowing Properly

The flow of the water lines in your home is important because backflow can cause several issues. It can cause problems with the water pressure of pipes in your home. It can also lead to issues with bacteria and contamination of drinking water. Therefore, the backflow prevention devices that are installed for the water lines need to be checked and tested regularly. This is especially important if you have pressure tanks or pressure reduction devices installed for your plumbing. You want to make sure the water flows in one direction to ensure these components do not cause issues with bacteria growth or contamination.

Testing backflow prevention devices can help identify problems before they cause issues with your household plumbing. Contact a backflow test service to ensure your plumbing is protected from problems due to backflow.