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Loving Your Little Landscape

Dealing With Drought Conditions? How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

by Charlotte White

Summer is here. If you're dealing with a drought, it's time to make some changes to your lawn care routine. This is especially important if your community is enforcing strict water restrictions right now. When drought restrictions are in place, lawns can suffer, especially if extra precautions aren't taken. If you're worried about your lawn during the current drought, read the information provided below. You'll find four simple tips that will help you give your lawn the care it needs this summer. 

Change the Way You Water

If your community is under water usage restrictions due to the drought, you need to change the way you water your lawn. Luckily, there are ways you can restrict your water usage and provide your lawn with the moisture it needs to stay healthy. If you normally water your lawn in the morning, try to water it in the evening instead. When you water in the evening, the moisture is able to stay in the soil longer. Next, reduce the number of days you water each week while increasing each watering cycle by about 10 minutes. This schedule will allow for better soil absorption without increasing the amount of water you're using. 

Let Your Lawn Grow Longer

If you're used to giving your lawn a close cut once a week during the summer, make a change to the way you mow your lawn. This is especially important during a drought. During a drought, your lawn won't get as much water, which means you need to take steps to protect the root system. One way to do that is to let the grass grow a bit longer. That way the roots aren't exposed to the heat. Once water restrictions are lifted, you can go back to giving your lawn a close cut again. 

Make Changes to the Lawn

If you have a lawn that isn't specific to your region, there's a good chance it will suffer during the drought. Lawns have specific regional conditions that need to be met. For instance, some lawns require mild temperatures, while others require additional water. If your current lawn isn't drought-resistant, it might be time to redo your landscaping. Planting a drought-resistant lawn will save you money on your water bills while allowing you to avoid the lawn-yellowing effects of the drought. 

Hire a Lawn Care Service

Finally, if you're worried about the effects the drought will have on your lawn this summer, it's time to hire a lawn care service, such as Little Rock Lawns. A lawn care service can provide you with the help you need to keep your lawn healthy, even during a drought.