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Loving Your Little Landscape

Recommendations For Your Lawn's Commercial Care Through Fall

by Charlotte White

Taking care of your own personal residential lawn is a task that you can easily manage on the weekends and spend your time after work doing. However, when you have a large commercial area of lawn that is under your responsibility, its size can be overwhelming, and it holds a big impact on the commercial building's appearance. Here are some recommendations to help you with your commercial lawn care for the upcoming fall and into winter.

Handle Regular Lawn Mowing

One of the most important aspects of your lawn care is the regular mowing that your lawn is going to require all growing season long. If you live in a southern climate, your lawn may continue to grow through the winter at a decreased amount, so it is important that you trim your lawn's growth so it can remain healthy. A lawn that is allowed to grow too long, even in winter, will cause the lawn blades to fall over and smother other plants, resulting in dead spots. If you live in a northern climate, you will need to plan for winter maintenance by trimming your lawn short at the end of the season. This enables the lawn to survive during its dormancy and minimize the amount of thatch that results from winter weather. 

During the fall, continue to mow the lawn each week or as needed so that you don't ever trim off more than one-third of the lawn's height. You can follow this rule by using a commercial size mower to quickly cover all the area, or arrange for a commercial landscaper to handle the regular task. They can also provide other services as part of their treatment to your lawn to keep it healthy and protected against weeds, pests, and diseases.

Arrange Aeration

Keeping the soil of your lawn in good condition is an important element to your lawn remaining healthy and looking thick. When a large lawn area gets compacted down from foot traffic and regular weather precipitation, your lawn will start growing thin in patches and struggle to get nutrients up into the roots and plant's leaves. To remedy the compaction problem, aeration to your lawn will loosen the soil and also promote air circulation into the root-soil. And along with air, moisture and beneficial fertilizers can flow throughout your lawn. 

Be sure you don't use an aerator that has blades that slip down into the soil. Blades don't remove the soil compaction and can actually make it worse. Arrange for an aeration service that pulls soil plugs out of the lawn, which you can find with a plug aeration machine that you can rent, or you can arrange for your local landscaper to treat your lawn with aeration.

For more tips, contact a commercial landscaping service near you.