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I have never been a natural gardener. For years, I struggled to keep basic houseplants alive, only to kill them at the first opportunity. It was difficult and stressful to buy a home with a yard, but I knew that I might be able to learn what I was doing wrong and correct the problem. To start off, I focused heavily on the lawn, and tried hard to keep it trimmed and well-maintained. Next, I cleaned up the flowerbeds. It was a lot of work, but I knew that it would pay off in the end. When I was done, my front yard was gorgeous, and guess what--it even stayed alive. This blog is all about loving your little landscape.



Loving Your Little Landscape

Professional Lawn Care Services: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

by Charlotte White

When it comes to looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, a lawn care service may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, everyone must maintain their lawns and for some people, this may be difficult due to time constraints or health issues. Purchasing a professional lawn care service for a friend or loved one is a gift that will keep on giving.

Elderly loved ones

As your loved ones age, maintaining a lawn can become difficult. It is not uncommon for elderly people to fall behind with lawn care simply because they no longer have the stamina or energy to keep up with weeding, mowing, and trimming. Imagine how relieved they will feel knowing their lawncare chores are being taken care of by a professional lawn care service.

Lawn service for elderly parents is the perfect family gift. Ask your siblings or other family members if they would like to chip in on the cost of a professional lawn service to help offset the cost. It is also a thoughtful gift for widows or widowers who need a helping hand with lawn chores.

Busy young parents 

Young couples are busy advancing their careers and raising children, which can make lawn care difficult due to time constraints. Giving young parents the gift of a lawn care service allows them more time to take the kids to sports, attend school events, and take a college course for work.

Purchasing a lawn care service is also a great gift for new parents who are busy adapting to the demands of a newborn. For instance, you could purchase a lawn care service for the first month after the birth of a baby as a gift in place of traditional gifts for new parents.

People recovering from surgery or illness

For people of any age, an unexpected illness or surgery can be stressful. Watching the grass and weeds grow out of control can feel overwhelming when they already have enough to worry about. Knowing their lawn will look great while they recover can help them focus on getting well instead of wondering how they are going to keep up with everything.

While not a typical idea for a gift, giving someone the luxury of a lawn care service is a practical gift for any friend or family member. Whether you pay for one professional lawn care service or multiple ones, your gift is sure to be appreciated by the recipient. 

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