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Loving Your Little Landscape

4 Benefits Of Growing New Plants Around Mulch Over Grass

by Charlotte White

Growing new plants on your landscape is an excellent way to turn an empty or lackluster yard into a beautiful and inspiring one. Fortunately, you can grow plants in various ways. Simply digging up soil and placing seeds underneath is a strategy that can yield okay results. A better option is to get strategic with your planting to maximize the chance of a successful outcome.

Growing new plants around mulch instead of grassy areas can provide several advantages. Hiring professional landscapers to work on this project will help you reap all the benefits.


When you plant flowers and shrubs around grass, you will introduce them to a competitive area. For instance, your grass will need water to continue growing and thriving. An easier option is to grow these new plants around mulch to eliminate competition for their growth.

A major advantage of growing plants surrounded by mulch is that you know most of the water you provide will be absorbed by the new plants. This specific quality will also make it easy to add an irrigation system or modify an existing one because there is no competition for water.


Creating a mulch bed is a smart move because you will minimize or eliminate the chance for weeds to grow. While some weeds may look attractive, you are better off preventing them from growing near your new plants because they can cause health problems. Weeds will compete with plants, and your most sensitive ones may not be able to handle the competition.


Using a mulch bed is ideal for ensuring your new plants get plenty of nutrients. Along with providing nutrients in the soil where you grow them, you can use organic mulch to get more. An organic mulch that decomposes over time will improve the soil and nutrient quality over time.

While you will need to replace the mulch over the years, you can make plans to hire the same landscapers when the time comes, so you do not have to worry about reapplication.


A mulch bed with plants spread throughout can make your landscape look attractive. Whether you use organic or inorganic mulch, you can choose one that you find visually appealing. Then you can get landscapers to grow flowers or shrubs that your family finds attractive.

Since the mulch bed will protect your plants and make it easier to care for them, you can look forward to healthy growth that produces vibrant leaves and colorful blooms.

Hire professionals to grow plants around mulch on your landscape to enjoy these benefits. Contact a local custom landscaping company for more info.