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Loving Your Little Landscape

Benefits Of An Artificial Grass Outdoor Wall

by Charlotte White

Artificial grass can be a good addition to your yard in many areas. Some homeowners install this material across the entire surface of their backyard, while others use it in select spots. If you're interested in artificial grass, it's important to know that this product doesn't solely have to go on the ground. Another option is to cover a wall with it. A popular choice is to use this material on a wall at the end of your deck or patio, but there are several other locations that may appeal to you. Contact a local artificial grass company to learn about its different products and find the right one for an exterior wall. Here are the benefits of this type of wall. 

Natural Look

One of the main reasons that people use artificial grass as an outdoor wall cover is because of its natural look. While wood can offer a stylish appearance for an outdoor wall, you may feel that you want your seating space to have more of a natural vibe. While the idea of planting a hedge along the edge of your deck or patio might be appealing, it can also be a lot of work to maintain. Artificial grass gives you the natural look of a hedge, but without requiring any maintenance.

Complete Privacy

Artificial grass can also be desirable to use in this way because it gives you complete privacy. While a wooden wall can offer a good amount of privacy, these walls generally have small gaps between the individual planks. If you want your outdoor seating area to have more of a private feel—perhaps because you're situated close to your neighbor and you don't want them to be able to see through the gaps in a wooden wall—covering this structure with artificial grass can give you the private feel you want.

Good Match

If you're already planning to have artificial grass in one or more areas of your yard, a wall that is covered in this material will be a good match. It will tie into the rest of the yard visually, which can give this space a stylish look that your family and guests enjoy. Conversely, a wooden wall at one end of a patio doesn't always offer a matching look if there aren't other examples of wood in the area.

Contact a local artificial grass company to learn more about its products, schedule a visit, and discuss using artificial grass to cover an outdoor wall.